Ep Pinto


I stand in the mirror admiring the stripes on my sleeves on the epaulets on my shoulder. The stripes are an indication of the my level of flight experience and of my responsibilities in an aircraft. Walking passed the check point pulling my luggage behind, I get ready to board my plane. I’m ready to fly, I’ve always been. That was what I dreamed of as a little girl. It’s funny how life takes you on a journey often times one that you had never dreamed of. But today I’m anything but an airplane pilot.

I’m a single mother of two, with a steady job, a full time college student, a cultural activist, a radio talk show host and many more roles. The name Baroneza (which means Baroness, the female equivalent of the nobility title Baron) came about during the Cape Verdean Presidential Election which I was very involved in the campaign process. I never gave a second thought about standing up for what I believed in. And I was never afraid to speak out about it. Even though Baroneza is a tittle of nobility, but to me it means the ability to be humble, to lead with positivism, it means to be inspired and to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Baroneza represents the new generation of professional Cape Verdean women who refuse to become victims of their own circumstances. I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up and today I’m here sharing with you the world as I see it. In many circumstances I find myself overloaded with thoughts and emotions and the only thing I can connect with and feel free are my pen and paper. So come take a journey in the world of arts, fashion, entertainment, politics and many more things that have inspired me to dream beyond my bedroom.

I find inner peace in writing the words that my heart cannot utter, in speaking my mind, and in giving a voice to my soul. My inspiration comes from things I see, places I go, people I meet. I feel that it is important to give yourself permission to speak of what matters to you in every situation despite of rejection or disapproval. Therefore don’t just dream while you are asleep, dream while you’re awake. Dreams are not just what you envisioned yourself as a grown up, but it is where you can go and what you can become by committing yourself to your goals regardless of where the road takes you.

And if you can’t be what you dreamed of as a child, be the best that you can be as an adult for dreams diverge, dreams even die, but it’s up to you to make it happen. Improvise if you have to but never stop dreaming, most importantly never stop believing in yourself.

So I quote:
“It’s up to us to make the best of all the things that come our way.
Cos’ everything that’s been has past,
The answers in the looking glass.
There’s four and twenty million doors
On life’s endless corridor”
-Noel Gallagher


By: Ronise Vieira


4 responses »

  1. “…There’s four and twenty million doors
    On life’s endless corridor”… so true… Amei amiga continua sp assim, inspirada e inspirando, td kem k ta faze arte de bu ciclo “positivo”… um projeto lindo k nasce k td membros pa kaminha longe, sucessos !!

  2. Se metade di mudjeres Caboverdeana tinha 1 mentalidade sima di bo, nos Cabo Verde era mas Forti, homis Caboverdeanos propi ta serba mas Forti tambe, bu manera di odja, pensa, e vivi vida eh ki ta da alguem inspiraçon a ser midjor. Bunito dimás. Força na tudo “Baroneza” ami eh bu fan incondicional. 1 Amor

  3. It’s funny how I have seen you perhaps 4 times in my entire life, but never imagined we shared the same dream; airplane pilot!!! But I always sensed your intelligence the few times we exchanged few words! I must say you are more intelligent than I have imagined!!!
    Best of luck on your new journey!!!

  4. Sima bu fla bu sonhu era ser pilotu… E gosi bo eh pilotu fi bus sonhos … Da assas abu imaginason e bu konkista mundo pmd mudjer raskoA lutadera balenti intelegenti moda bo ki nu sta mesti … A kada paragrafu ki bu ta screbi e um sensason uniku e sentimentu ki ta fazenu viaja e vivi intensamenti bu kuze bu kre transmiti e um viaji. Undi e um mistu d emoson e ta flabah mi ma palavras tem forca nunka nxintil sima hr ki nta leh bus poesia td ki nta flau e brigadu pa bu ninam ku versu e fazem sai dimi ku bus msg mundo sta li ta sperau pa bu bem konkistal e fazel diboh boa sorti e td ki nta desejau

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